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Portable Airbrush Spray Booth Kit w/ Hose


You are viewing an auction for the Airbrush Spray Booth Kit. Reduce the hazards and mess associated with the use of aerosol sprays, spray guns, and airbrushes with our portable spray booth. Suited for the professional to the hobbyist, our exclusive filtering systems and high volume fans keep your work environment neat and clean by effectively collecting the over spray and reducing the fumes from airbrush materials, fixatives, adhesives, or finishes that soil the work area and contaminate the air. We have a wide selection of kits and accessories to choose from. Be sure to check our store as we do offer combine shipping discounts on multiple auction purchases.

Feature Infos:

  • Extension Hose can draw the harmful gas out the door or window, and keeping the air clean inside the studio.
  • Easily folds into a suitcase shape with handle for easy storing
  • Perfect for small items from ceramics to radio control models.
  • 7 1/2" diameter revolving turntable that makes it easy to reach all the areas to be painted.
  • Fiberglass filter system with booth filter included.
  • Can use one or two of the included filter sponges, depending on the amount of fog.
  • Booth is intended to remove larger particles from the air and keeping the air clean.
  • Can combine two spray booths to extend work space without any tools needed.
  • Retractable cord that stores in its own compartment.
  • Rubber feet protect your workbench.
  • Not intented for use with hazardous materials, flammable or explosive paints or materials.
  • Full Setup Dimension: 19" x 16 1/2" x 13 1/2"
  • Portable Dimension: 16 1/2" x 8" x 6"
  • Net Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Note: The car model is for display purpose only.

  • Package Includes:

  • 1x Spray Booth - Portable
  • 1x Turn Table
  • 1x Plastic Sleeve
  • 1x Softer Screw Sleeve
  • 1x Hose Clamp
  • 1x Extension Hose
  • 2x Filter
  • 1x Instruction Manual

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