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Discover how to leave a lasting impression with our collection of Bathroom and Kitchen faucets. From lavatory faucets to vanity sinks and other bathroom accessories, we have every fixture for the bathroom and kitchen. Browse our products by item type, or scroll below to view catalogs.

Bathroom Faucet:
B2-001 B2-004 B2-005 B2-006

B2-007 B2-008 B2-009 B2-010

B2-011 B2-012 B2-013 B2-014

B2-017 B2-018 B2-019 B2-020

B2-021 B2-023 B2-026 B2-027

B2-028 B2-030 B2-031 B2-032

B2-036 B2-037 B2-038 B2-039

B2-040 B2-041 B2-042 B2-043

B2-044 B2-045 B2-046 B2-047

Popup Drains:
B3-001 B3-002 B3-003 B3-004

B3-005 B3-006 B3-007 B3-008

B3-009 B3-010 B3-011 B3-012

Deck Plates:
B3-020 B3-021 B3-022

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